MPAA Rating: G Guide age recommendation: 4+ Genre: Adventure/animation/comedyRuntime: 96 minutes Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Leslie Mann, Jamie Foxx, Release Date: April 15, 2011 

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When he arrives in Rio, though, Blu finds that Jewel is not as receptive as he had hoped. He wants nothing more than to go home, but suddenly, he and Jewel are nabbed by a band of smugglers. Jewel's free spirited determination and Blu's brain power come in handy as the two escape from the smugglers and their bitter henchmen, Nigel the cockatoo. But, the two are not free yet. They are chained together, and there's one major problem: Blu cannot fly.

Thankfully, Blu and Jewel are befriended by birds like Rafael the toucan (voice of George Lopez), Nico (voice of Jaime Foxx) and Pedro (voice of, who not only lend them a wing, but also get them in the festive spirit for Carnaval. The entire city is alive with preparations for the big Carnaval parade, but Blu and Jewel must focus on removing their chains and getting back to their homes before Nigel comes along again to spoil the party.Linda and Blu from RioPhoto © Blue Sky Studios/20th Century FoxColorful characters, vibrant animation and a lively beat come together to put Rio in a rare category of movie gems: G-rated films that the whole family can appreciate and enjoy. While the storyline is fun and the voice acting is fabulous, those are not the things that make Riostand out in this day and age of animation glory. Nope, Rio's brilliance comes from the exotic locale. The spice and flavor of the Marvelous City, Rio de Janeiro, brings this festive flick to life and adds a rich cultural backdrop that will grab the interest of moviegoers of all ages.
The film is full of energy and life, and has a great theme about living to the fullest. I came away wanting to learn to Samba and try hang gliding off of Pedra Bonita Mountain. My youngest daughter (3) kept her 3D glasses on through the whole film for the first time ever, and she can't seem to remember "Rio," so she calls the movie "the booty-shaking movie." There is definitely a lot of feathered booty shaking in the movie! The only complaint I have, and I like the 3D overall, but it did make parts of the movie seem a little dim and some of the backgrounds blurry.
Rio contains a few mild rude words like "idiot," "butt," and "shut up." Also, there are a few instances of mild sexual innuendo (mostly to do with birds). Of course, the Carnaval (Portuguese spelling) costumes are skimpy, but nothing compared to the ones you see in pictures of the real thing. Some perilous scenes may frighten very young children. See the "content overview" below for more detailed explanations of content.

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